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My 4 year old daughter loves movies!  What kid doesn't?  Up until now she's been content to watch movies at home on the TV but she's getting to the age where she wants to go to the theater.  That's to be expected and I'm excited about taking her to the movies.  It will be great  for us to have a daddy-daughter date night!

My delima is: what movies do I take her to and how do I decide?  I have recently discovered a site called kids-in-mind that helps parents with these questions.

The site gives pretty detailed summaries of movies and rates them on scale of 1-10 for profanity, sex/nudity, and violence/gore.  If a movie has a high score in any of these categories it means there is a lot of it in the movie.  For a more detailed explination of how their rating system works click here.

It is good for older movies too!

I hope this can help anyone.  I know it will help me.