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#WheresRey and the big Star Wars toy controversy, explained - Vox

From the post:

The idea is that Hasbro wants to cater to a female audience, but it's concentrating those efforts on princesses rather than diversifying its existing "boy" brands to be more friendly to girls.

What this logic ignores, of course, is the notion that female fans of Star Wars or Marvel heroes, who finally got to see something of themselves in Rey or Black Widow or Gamora, might want to own an action figure that reflects as much.

It ignores the notion that both girls and boys can like superhero toys, as well as Disney princesses.

And it ignores the fact that reinforcing the myth that boys won't play with female action figures is harmful and outdated, not to mention a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Yes, at the end of the day, we're talking about toys. But the toys in question are an important extension of a bigger problem. People are justifiably upset over the exclusion of female characters from Hasbro's action figure sets because — as Rey, Black Widow, and Gamora have proved in just the past few years — they're another example of female franchise characters not getting the same meaningful consideration as their male counterparts. If campaigns fighting for their inclusion can get some answers — and even force action like did with The Force Awakens monopoly — asking where the women are is always a worthwhile question.

As a dad of two girls this kind of stuff is more important to me than ever.