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Trends in Library Technology Talk

1 min read

A few weeks ago my friend Amanda asked me to speak to her library school class about trends in library technology. Flattered, I said yes and began thinking about what I would say to her class. The talk only needed to be about 20 minutes long so I didn't have to go into too much detail. 

I spoke to her class last night and I think it went pretty well. My presentation came in a little under 20 minutes. I spoke about beacons, a "library robot" being developed in Wales, RFID technology, CollectionHQ, our Digital Media Labs, public computing and mobile devices.

I wrapped up the talk by stressing the importance of patience. Patience with technology, because sometimes it doesn't work the way it's supposed to. Patience with the public, becuase if you are working with the public your patience will be tested - frequently. 

It was a positive experience for me. I hope the class enjoyed it. 

I've posted my slide to OneDrive for the fun of it. 


Eventful Saturday

1 min read

Trying something new. This is a video story I made on Saturday. 


Mama Rabbit in our herb garden

1 min read

We discoverd a mother rabbit in our herb garden yesterday. She was hanging out and when she moved we noticed some little rabbits. I didn't get any pictures of the little ones but hope to soon. I hope the neighborhood cats don't get them... 

Mama Rabbit


Time lapse of the sun

1 min read

Saw this post on Vox and wanted to put it here because it's wicked cool. 


I know I'm late to this party...

1 min read

...but I'm kinda fascinated by Snapchat and it's My Story feature. 



Vi Kelley

1 min read

I'm saddened to hear of the passing this week of Vi Kelley. She hired me for my first library job back in 1997. It was at the High Point Public Library as a part time circulation assistant.  I didn't even apply for the job, I applied to volunteer there because I wanted to see what a library was like before I applied to Library school. They happened to have an opening and she called me in for an interview. She told me "I normally don't hire people I know (we attended the same church) but I think you will do a good job." She retired less than a year later. I don't think it was because of me...

It's almost 20 years later and I'm still working in libraries. Thank you Vi for giving me the opportunity


Screens bad, paper good?

1 min read

I’m calling BS on this article! Read it when you get a chance. Basically: screens are bad, paper is good.

They mention recent studies that show how using a smartphone/tablet before can be detrimental to your sleep and how smartphones/tablets can be distracting. I get that.

To me, reading is reading. I read A BOOK on MY PHONE almost every night and have no trouble going to sleep. Yes, I could check Twitter etc. but I DON’T because I’M READING A BOOK!

Enjoy your weekend.