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View From Desk

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This is my post for week 6 - Photos.

I must admit that I am a big fan of photo sharing sites. I been using Flickr for a few months now and really enjoy the flexibility it offers. I can upload pictures from my computer and my phone. I can limit who I want to see my pictures. I can even post to my blog right from there too (I'm doing that now).

I also use twitpic to share pictures via twitter and momentile to share pictures (although I'm still unsure what purpose that site has, it's still kinda neat).

Let's face it, people like pictures. People like to take pictures, look at pictures and share pictures. Sites like flickr serve this need for people very well. I will probably continue to use flickr (or a similar site) for many years to come because I have a lot of pictures to take.



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Grace.jpg, originally uploaded by mwphillips75.

My dog in the woods behind my parent's house.