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I'd be scared if I saw a bear

1 min read

The youngest's preschool class has been talking about emotions this week. It is Valentines week so it makes sense.

Today her teacher sent home a list of the class' emotions during the week. I guess she asked each one how he or she was feeling and wrote them down. Some of the children mention what makes them happy (my sister, Valentines day, school etc.) others, what makes them mad or sad.

My daughter's response:

I would feel scared if I saw a bear!

That's my girl! I would too.

I wish I knew what the exact question was. I'll have to ask her about it tomorrow.



1 min read

The bear you see below is Little Bear. For over three years she and my oldest daughter were inseperable. They went everywhere together and were best friends. Now she is five and my daughter is leaving Little Bear behind frequently and isn't playing with her as much. She hasn't been completely forgotten but she spends more time in my daughter's room than she used to. There were times when we couldn't leave the house without her and forgetting her on long trips was misery inducing for everyone. Now, Little Bear pretty much stays on the bed waiting for my daughter.

I'm saddened that she's outgrowing her favorite toy. It means she's one step closer to growing up. I realize that she's only five so there are many more steps for her to take. Many will be  difficult and heartbreaking. Many will be joyful and uplifting. But this is one of the first. I knew this would happen but it doesn't make it any easier.

I'm glad she's growing up. I wouldn't have it any other way. I guess I'm morning the loss of a reliable friend and comforter.