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I should read this when I'm feeling like a deficient parent.

1 min read

How to Get Rid of 'Mommy Guilt' (or Daddy Guilt) Once and For All (via Lifehacker)

Great post with lots to remember when I'm feeling overwhelmed or like I'm not being the best parent I can be.

Pinola lists five steps to try that may help with parenting guilt.

  1. Decide if what you've done is something you really should regret.
  2. Resolve to let some things go.
  3. Remember that the grass is always greener on the other side.
  4. Pause before you react.
  5. Find practical solutions to the big things that make you feel guilty.


We've got a lot of parenting to do...

1 min read

I just read this article about social media, porn and teenage girls in Vanity Fair and my wife and I have a lot of work ahead of us.

What's the plan? Not sure but I think any plan will involve lots and lots of honest conversations with the kids. My current strategy involves being around for them as much as possible now and answering any of their questions honestly. It's a start...I guess. I'm not a psychologist or parenting expert. I'm just a guy trying to do his best to raise his kids.


The first thing my kids made with a MakerBot...

1 min read

was a Death Star!


Many thanks to the awesome Melanie at Collegiate for letting us use their MakerBot. It was an experience my kids will be talking about for a while.

If' you'd like to print and/or improve our Death Star, it can be found here.


Common Sense Media

1 min read

My wife brought this site to my attention today and I'm so happy she did!

I can see me using this site a lot as my children grow up.  It is similar to kids-in-mind that I wrote about a few months ago but it does more than movies.  They have books, TV, websites, games and music rated with children in mind.  I've been fiddling with it for a few minutes and I really like it!  Check it out!