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My new toys are here!

1 min read

I've gotten all of my new toys! I received the iPad, Nook and Sony Reader today. I must say that I'm pretty giddy! It's kinda like Christmas in October. My plans for a "Technology Petting Zoo" are taking shape. All I need to do now is get to know the devices better and schedule a time to visit the branches.

I'm writing this post via the iPad to see how easy it us to type. I think I may a get used to it but right now it's a bit odd. I do like the iPad. Very slick. I think after a week I'm going to want my own. For now I'm more than happy to be using this one.

I've been fiddling with the Nook and Sony Reader for about an hour and think they will be useful. I've had the Kindle for over a week. I'm going to reserve judgement until I play with all of them for a few weeks.

It's days like this when I really love my job! I'm a very lucky guy.


New Toys!

3 min read

[caption id="attachment_1968" align="alignright" width="112" caption="Kindle 3"]Kindle 3[/caption]

Since I began my new job I've been lobbying for gadgets for me and all the library staff to tinker with so we could know more about them. Last week it was decided that I could get some of those gadgets. When asked what I wanted I made my list. It included: an iPad, Kindle 3, Nook and a Sony Reader. I figure these are the most popular devices right now so thats what I'd acquire.

[caption id="attachment_1967" align="alignleft" width="112" caption="Kindle 3"]Kindle 3[/caption]

Tuesday I was thrilled to get my first gadget delivered. It was the Kindle 3 and I couldn't wait to start playing around with it. As you can see, the Kindle I received had some slight screen problems. Not only was it streaky but it was unresponsive. The people at Amazon were very helpful and I am expecting a new one today. Hopefully it will have a good screen and will work properly.

I ordered the Nook and the Sony Reader Touch Edition (from Amazon of all places...we have an account) this morning so I should be getting them next week! Getting the iPad is going to be a bit more tricky. It's not that I can't it's simply that our established means of acquiring stuff doesn't work with Apple. Not Apple's fault at all. We don't have an account with them and Best Buy (a place we do have an account with) doesn't ship them out of their warehouse. So someone will have to buy one and be reimbursed. I'm happy to be that person but I'll wait to get the ok from my boss before I go out and buy one. Hopefully I'll get one by the early October.

Now, just because I'm saying I am getting these gadgets don't think that they are mine. I just happen to be the guy with "Emerging Technologies" as part of his title. My plan is to take these gadgets out to all of our branches and have a "Technology Petting Zoo" with all of the library staff and as many patrons as possible. For the people who have never seen one it will be a good chance to handle and become more familiar with them. Hopefully, they will have a better idea of how they work and (at the very least) know what they look like and what they do. I can't wait! This is going to be so much fun!



1 min read

The bear you see below is Little Bear. For over three years she and my oldest daughter were inseperable. They went everywhere together and were best friends. Now she is five and my daughter is leaving Little Bear behind frequently and isn't playing with her as much. She hasn't been completely forgotten but she spends more time in my daughter's room than she used to. There were times when we couldn't leave the house without her and forgetting her on long trips was misery inducing for everyone. Now, Little Bear pretty much stays on the bed waiting for my daughter.

I'm saddened that she's outgrowing her favorite toy. It means she's one step closer to growing up. I realize that she's only five so there are many more steps for her to take. Many will be  difficult and heartbreaking. Many will be joyful and uplifting. But this is one of the first. I knew this would happen but it doesn't make it any easier.

I'm glad she's growing up. I wouldn't have it any other way. I guess I'm morning the loss of a reliable friend and comforter.