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Trends in Library Technology Talk

1 min read

A few weeks ago my friend Amanda asked me to speak to her library school class about trends in library technology. Flattered, I said yes and began thinking about what I would say to her class. The talk only needed to be about 20 minutes long so I didn't have to go into too much detail. 

I spoke to her class last night and I think it went pretty well. My presentation came in a little under 20 minutes. I spoke about beacons, a "library robot" being developed in Wales, RFID technology, CollectionHQ, our Digital Media Labs, public computing and mobile devices.

I wrapped up the talk by stressing the importance of patience. Patience with technology, because sometimes it doesn't work the way it's supposed to. Patience with the public, becuase if you are working with the public your patience will be tested - frequently. 

It was a positive experience for me. I hope the class enjoyed it. 

I've posted my slide to OneDrive for the fun of it. 


Yeah, sure.
How A Contested Convention Would Work.


Eventful Saturday

1 min read

Trying something new. This is a video story I made on Saturday. 


Gave blood this morning. Was only a few minutes late to work. Got Oreo's!


Library Robot Coming to Welsh University

Something to watch. Don't know how/if/when it will have an effect on library service but it's interesting. 

“Hugh is useful for automating or simplifying tedious and mundane tasks. Things that both staff and users don’t want to spend time on,” said Pasi Chidziva, a member of the team working on developing Hugh’s AI. “As more powerful actuators are combined with human-friendly safety measures, maybe we’ll see a cousin of Hugh doing reshelving in the library.”


Mama Rabbit in our herb garden

1 min read

We discoverd a mother rabbit in our herb garden yesterday. She was hanging out and when she moved we noticed some little rabbits. I didn't get any pictures of the little ones but hope to soon. I hope the neighborhood cats don't get them... 

Mama Rabbit