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Jack and the Wonder Beans!

1 min read

Last Saturday I took my kids to a great Library program!

Some students from Theatre VCU put on a great show at the Gayton Library. It was an Appalachian rendition of the classic fairy tale Jack and the Bean Stalk titled Jack and the Wonder Beans. They did a great job and all of the kids in attendance seemed to really love the show! A lot of the adults did too.

It was very fun. There was a lot of crowd participation, singing, dancing and loudness. It was perfect for kids! They are doing another show at the Twin Hickory Library this Saturday and we will probably attend it too. My kids liked it THAT much. It didn't hurt that my oldest daughter was asked to be in the show. The director asked her to be the cow that was sold for the beans. She absolutely loved it!



Time Travel!

1 min read

One of my friends at  my old Library has done a few time travel programs in the past and I always wanted to film one. I got the chance a few weeks ago and this is the result. I think it's creative and funny. The kids at the program loved it! One day I'll get better video editing software.

[vimeo 14302773]



2 min read

Lately I've been involved in explaining social media to people in county administration. Its been a very rewarding experience and I've learned a lot about my county, the people who run it and myself.

One realization about my self that I've come to is the need to upgrade my computer skills. I am no slouch when it comes to navigating a pc, far from it. I'm one of the first people called in my branch when someone is having difficulty with a computer. Most of the time I'm able to solve the problems I am presented. Luckily we have a very good library IT department who can fix anything I can't

Where I need to upgrade is in the area of creation. I am not a programmer. Not sure I'll ever be one, but right now I know very little about how programming is done. This is an area I need to strengthen. By not knowing more about how software is created I feel I'm at a disadvantage. As I progress through my career having a basic understanding of programming will become more important. I'd like to be able to create something useful for me and my colleagues one day. I don't know what it would be but right now everything I use is created by someone else.

So, to go about this new initiative, I've looked into the local community college. It looks like a good place to start. I'll also try to teach myself by using the library's collection. Let's see where this takes me.



1 min read

We're making real progress now!  The training site is beginning to take shape and we are working on our presentation.

I'm working with another librarian on a video covering the 7 1/2 habits of lifelong learning.  It will hopefully not be lame.

I'm excited about what we're doing and hopeful that the staff will get something out of this program.  It's similar to all of the others but we're tweaking it to meet our needs